Saturday, 22 December 2007

TSX-listed income trusts with credit rating of A and A+, as of October 2007

In my previous post, I published the list of TSX-listed companies with recent A and A+ credit ratings. In this post, I am presenting a list of Canadian income trusts, which have the highest credit ratings given by the top international credit-rating agencies. The spreadsheet with these income trusts is posted here.

Of course, just the fact of being on this list does NOT guarantee that an income trust will have bright performance in the future or that its unit price will soar to new highs any time soon. Of course not. However, being a part of this list means that a trust's financials satisfy a set of pretty tough financial-performance criteria, in particular those that relate to liquidity and leverage issues. Therefore, the list of these top-rated income trusts can be a good starting point to proceed with further screening and selection of possible candidates for a long-term investment portolio.

Please note that the list was compiled at the end of October 2007, so some things might have changed during the last 1.5 months. Also, a word of general caution should be given with respect to the published credit ratings - the credit agencies can screw up big time in the their assessment of credit risks and risk exposure, as the recent financial crisis demonstrates very well.

Attachment (Google spreadsheet): A rated Canadian income trusts.

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