Sunday, 10 February 2008

Tips on optimizing and simplifying your credit card use experience

This post continues the topic of credit cards started in my previous post, 20 valid reasons why you can and should use credit cards. It is not enough to know that the use of credit cards is beneficial to you. You should also know how to use them in the most effective and efficient way, so that your relevant experience is pleasant and trouble-free. In this post, partly based on my experience, I summarize several tips that you may find useful when dealing with credit cards and related issues. The series is broken down into three parts:

Part 1: Credit card application and credit history
Part 2: Optimized credit card use and safe shopping experience
Part 3: Canceling your credit cards

Should you have any other relevant tips that you found useful, please feel free to let me know about them and I will include them in the posted lists.

This post was published in the Carnival of Personal Finance 139 at My Dollar Plan.

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