Friday, 28 March 2008

Nasdaq's stock analysis tool

Just wanted to briefly share some info about a fairly new and free stock analytical source that I lately like: Nasdaq's Stock Quotes and Research info tool. Of course, there are many other nice info hubs, like Reuters, WSJ's Markets Data Centre, and MSN Money, but Nasdaq's tool scores well in a couple of dimensions.

It has several very attractively presented functions, like information on short interest (see this example), analyst stock research overview (example), information on key competitors (example), ownership summary (example) and detailed institutional holdings (example), and especially Guru Analysis (example). I like this latter feature that (possibly somewhat subjectively) evaluates a stock according to eight different investment/trading models. By looking at a stock using Guru Analysis' pie charts, you can approximately see whether it fits one or two evaluation methods that most closely characterize your trading or investment philosophy.

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