Monday, 19 May 2008

Canadians are still spending...

I was shopping with my wife today at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and, oh boy, I must tell you that Canadians are still very much into shopping, despite all economic worries and troubles with the big southern neighbor. It could be the fact that it was rainy today and there were not too many other things to do for many people, or maybe because it was the middle of the long weekend, but the big mall was literally packed with people. By the time we were were leaving around 5 pm, people were waiting in cars to get the most remote parking spots.

Also, on Saturday, I was doing grocery shopping at at one of Loblaw's Real Canadian Superstores, and it was packed too, with people buying a lot of stuff. Expensive food? No problem! Expensive gas? Who cares! The roads were packed with cars yesterday and today.

It looks like the recessionary mood has not really hit Ontario that much, at least not the GTA area. People are still driving a lot despite the outrageously inflated gas prices, and people are still shopping despite the proponents of a recession shouting every day about the gloomy econoic future from media's screens and pages.

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