Thursday, 22 May 2008

The game of "bad" and "good" economic news continues

The jobless claims data released today and the reaction to this information from the markets and media once again clearly show that:

(1) Nobody can and should trust the US government stats anymore;
(2) The US administration are totally desperate in trying to save the US economy from falling apart, and every single bit of non-negative news is being used to do that;
(3) Hopefully the countdown has already began on when the U.S. statistical scam becomes a loud public scandal and when everybody around the globe can see that the king and his key allies are in fact naked;
(4) Enthusiastic morons in the financial mass media are helpless (do they really believe in what they are saying every single day?); and
(5) Crowds of speculators pretend they believe the fake stories being told by the government and are trying to play according to the unofficial rules of the big game called Investing & Trading.

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